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Our Partners
Image Acquisition
To achieve the best analysis results, you must start with a quality image. Image-Pro offers a streamlined image acquisition dialogue that makes it easy to acquire good images. It offers the necessary tools for basic 2D imaging as well as those needed for sophisticated multi-dimensional experiments.

With Image-Pro Plus, you can acquire files directly from cameras, scanners, disks or CD-ROM. Visit the Supported Devices section to see which devices are supported by Image-Pro.
Composite image derived from16 Z-stack sets from 3 fluorescent channels. Image courtesy of Richard Cole, Wadsworth Center, Albany, NY.

Automated Microscope Control
Control complex microscopy equipment in a simple, repeatable manner for reproducible results. Automatically control your microscope stage in any X, Y, or Z direction and eliminate the need to manually adjust microscope settings.

Multichannel Acquisition

Automate and manage all combinations of image acquisition modes and image sets including time, channel (wavelength), focus (z-stack) and stage position.

  • Configuration Wizard
    The Configuration Wizard guides you through the necessary setup procedures to ensure the success of your acquisition. Image-Pro will automatically check to make sure it has the necessary settings to acquire your images, including objective lenses, spatial calibrations, camera settings, and lookup table information.
  • Exposure Control
    Full exposure control is available for each channel. You may even specify a composite image to be automatically built as the image set is acquired. Convenient testing options ensure that no time is wasted in method development and an optimum image set is produced. For best results, background correction may be implemented.
  • Status Update
    Monitor the progress of your acquisition with the status display. View the total elapsed time, time left between cycles, current sample position, wavelength, and Z-position. You may also pause your acquisition and re-focus at the current position. If you pause in the middle of a Z-stack, the partial Z-stack will be discarded and a new stack, centered on the new focus position will be acquired.
Investigate changes in live specimens over time by acquiring images at predefined intervals. Play your time lapse images as a movie to view movement and other activities.
The image displays the movement of time-lapse acquisition’

Live Analysis & Measurements

Analyze samples live, without the need to acquire. The Workspace Preview feature makes it easy to count objects, apply measurements and interact with online images. The optional Live Tiling and Live Extended Depth of Field tools make it easy to tile large images and perform EDF operations live - while acquiring your images.

Brain cortex cell image captured using Live Tiling Image courtesy of Joop van Heerikhuize, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience


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