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3D Rendering & Measurement

Explore the depth of your images by visualizing and interacting with them in three dimensions.
  • View volumes from any angle, with adjustable transparency and shading.
  • Zoom, rotate, and pan image stacks.
  • Use adjustable lighting controls for enhanced viewing.
  • Visualize clipping planes in orthogonal and oblique plane-selections.
  • View internal features of 3D stacks by selecting volume of interest (VOI).
  • Display synchronized, orthogonal views through an image stack with Stack Slicer.
  • View multiple iso-surface renderings based on segmentation of selected intensities and colors.
  • Project a virtual shadow of your image to get a better visual understanding of your object's 3D shape.

Apply Measurements to 3D Images

Obtain quantifiable data from your three-dimensional image through manual and volume measurements.

Industrial image created with Image-Pro 3D Suite.

Images are courtesy of Ralph E. Napolitano of Ames Laboratory Solidification Science. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University.

3D Manual Measurements:
  • Individual point
  • Point-to-Point distance
  • Point-to-Surface distance line
  • Line
  • Angle
  • Point-to-Line distance
  • Circumference of an object bisected by plane
  • Surface distance between two points
3D rendering of a kidney glomerulus
Image courtesy of Dr. Brian Matsumoto -Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

3D Volume Measurements:

  • Volume
  • Surface Area
  • Sphericity
  • Feret measurements
  • Bounding box measurements
  • Centroid information
  • Automatic update of measurements from frame-to-frame playback of 4D sequences
  • Set filter ranges for any measurements
  • Clean borders

Track Objects in a 4D Sequence

Track and measure the movement of individual objects in a 4D sequence with the 4D tracking feature in 3D Constructor. Choose to automatically find 4D tracks in your image or manually track objects.

Visualize, Trace, and Count Neurons

Analyze neurons and other filament structures with the neuron tracing tool in 3D Constructor. Visualize and count the number of branches in a neuron as well as the length and volume of each branch.

Dendritic spine tracing of 3D neuron. Image courtesy of Ling Wang and Brendan Brinkman, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA.

Explore Wavelength Overlap with 3D Colocalization

Use Image-Pro's colocalization tool to indicate which fluorescent regions are to be considered as overlapped, or colocalized. Then activate 3D Constructor to display the colocalized regions in three dimensions.

Create Animations of 3D Images

Share your 3D rendered images with others using 3D Constructor's easy 3D animation creation tools. Create animations with changing transparencies, slide positions, colors, etc. to give others a better understanding of the depth of your 3D image. Save in AVI or multi-frame TIFF or SEQ formats.

Display and Export Image Data Display and interact with measurement data from individual, histogram, or scatterplot displays. Export 3D measurement data to Microsoft® Excel.


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