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Automate, Customize & Share

Automate with Macros

Record - Save a series of Image-Pro commands as you perform them using macro recording tools.

Edit - Image-Pro Plus offers convenient customization tools and a built-in programming language to streamline your imaging research.

  • Organize and implement macros in the Macro Browser
  • Work with example and “Extras” macros included in Image-Pro Plus and Image-Pro Analyzer
  • Use the IPBASIC engine with debugger, full editor, and dialog builder
  • Record sessions and play them back in Basic Syntax
  • Assign scripts to files and function keys
  • Add basic loops and conditionals
  • Edit and customize dialog boxes

For more advanced customization, Image-Pro Plus’ built-in IP Basic programming engine offers a debugger, full editor, and dialog builder. Use with COM objects such as Microsoft Word or Excel, and integrate and customize macros with Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C++.

Share & Download Macros
The Media Cybernetics’ Solutions Zone is a searchable on-line database of macros, device drivers, plug-in modules, application programs and development consultants that support Media Cybernetics image analysis products. Visit the Solutions Zone to search for Image-Pro Plus macros in your industry.

Point out features of interest and add text to your images with Annotation overlay tools.

Point out features of interest and add notes to your images with Annotation tools.

Report and Publish Your Results
Export image data via DDE to Origin® and Microsoft Excel. Create custom reports with images data and text.

Create AVI Movies
Easily convert sequence files and 3D rendered images to AVI files.

Convert image sequences and 3D renderings to AVI files.

Customize Your Workflow
Image-Pro Plus includes a variety of features that allow you alter the application to fit your workflow. Create a personalized Workflow Toolbar with buttons for your most frequently used tools.


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