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Image-Pro Plus 7.0 System Requirements

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Image-Pro Plus 7.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a powerful development environment for OEMs, systems integrators, and end users to create tailored versions of Image-Pro Plus. Unlike programming toolkits, the SDK offers a proven host environment that can be easily and quickly customized to solve specific imaging applications without starting from scratch, thereby reducing development risk and cost.

The SDK includes a powerful Plug-In Wizard that lets you automatically generate an entire C++ project including source code, resource file, and project file. You can compile and link with Image-Pro Plus with little or no effort. If you are an image processing programmer, use the SDK as a quick and easy prototype development tool. With the host already in place, you can focus on what is important - algorithm development.

The Image-Pro SDK makes it easy to develop custom plug-ins and add them into existing Media Cybernetics software menus and toolbars. With this powerful kit, you can add features that are unique to your particular application, or tailor a version of Image-Pro Plus to suit a specific vertical market.



Use the Image-Pro Plus SDK to:

  • Choose C, C++/MFC, VB, or J++ to develop your plug-in.
  • Tailor Image-Pro's menus to your specifications.
  • Create plug-ins that can be called from Image-Pro's user interface.
  • Create plug-ins that can read/write data directly from/to an active image in Image-Pro Plus.
  • Create a setup disk to install your custom plug-in.
  • Control external devices.
  • Modify menus and toolbars.

On-line help and examples for each of the supported development languages are included. Examples are designed to assist users in easily accessing serial I/O ports, ASCII files, and read/write overlays.

Image-Pro Plus SDK System Requirements

  • Must have Image-Pro Plus 7.x installed & running with license key. See the Image-Pro Plus System Requirements page.
  • Approximately 3 Mbytes of disk space to hold the SDK files

Image-Pro Plus SDK Supported Programming Environments

Visual Basic 6
Visual Studio 2003
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio 2008 (preferred)
Visual Studio Express 2008
Visual Basic

(1) C++ under Visual Studio 2008 is the preferred SDK development platform. VB.Net and C# have some limits, primarily that: 

  • Get( ) functions must be derived for each variable type, such as 'short int', 'float', etc., as VB.Net and C# are more strongly typed.
  • Icons for new tools/toolbar buttons must come from those shown in Icon_List.tif
  • Automation extensions must follow the application object model (MyTool.DoStuff) rather than the Image_Pro function model (ret = IpMyTool( )).

 (2) Visual Studio Express C++ cannot be used with the SDK, as several required libraries are not supported.

SDK Plug-In Distribution

You may distribute Media Cybernetics plug-in modules developed with the SDK per the SDK License Agreement. Plug-ins created with the SDK require a valid copy of a Media Cybernetics application in order to run. Check with your dealer or contact a Media Cybernetics sales office for information on site license volume discounts on these applications.

3rd Party Developer Marketing Opportunity

Advertise your SDK plug-ins for free on Media Cybernetics' Solutions Zone web site at www.Solutions-Zone.com

SDK Developer Support Program

When you download the SDK you automatically receive 30 days of free support. Email techsupport@mediacy.com if you need help. However, more support is available. Join our SDK Developer Support Program to receive an additional 12 months of technical support. Order SDK Developer's Support.

For information on obtaining the Media Cybernetics SDK, please email


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