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Our Partners
Live Tiling & Live EDF

Image-Pro Plus 7.0 offers the optional Live Tiling and Live Extended Depth of Field (EDF) module, which makes it easy to acquire large, tiled images and beautifully focused images – live – without an automated stage or focus drive. Minimizing the number of steps required to tile images or created focused images, Live Tiling and Live EDF allows you to acquire the images you need, within minutes.

Live Tiling
Live Tiling lets you expand the field of your captured image, using a manual X-Y stage. This tool makes it easy for you to tile and stitch adjacent fields – live – without an automated stage.  Simply move your stage and watch the image field of view grow until you have covered your entire specimen. All you need is a microscope, manual X-Y stage and a camera with Image-Pro drivers.

Live Tiling Details:
• No motor stage or focus drive needed
• Works with any Image-Pro Color or Mono camera/driver
• Obtains a much higher resolution image than using a low mag objective

Live EDF
Live EDF allows you to capture a fully-focused image for specimens whose thickness exceeds the microscope depth of field. Available for any manual microscope, Live EDF solves the depth of field issues that often plague Entomologist, Botanists, and Parts and Material manufacturers.

Live EDF Details:

  • No motor stage or focus drive needed
  • Works with any Image-Pro Color or Mono camera/driver
  • Users need not be concerned about;
    –  Specimen Thickness
    –  Focus direction or evenness
    –  Starting or ending focus point
    –  Z thickness
    –  # of Z planes required
    –  Camera/Stage orientation
    –  Stereomicroscope image shift
  • Prevents damage caused by specimen flattening
  • Works in Fluorescence applications
  • Live EDF is not designed to:
    – Retain Z axis information
    – Produce a 3D image

Live Tiling and Live EDF is only available with Image-Pro Plus 7.0 products.




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