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Measure & Classify

Count and Classify Objects

Count and Characterize objects using over 50 manual and automatic measurement tools. Tag objects of interest and easily sort by size or other measurement parameters.

  • Measure lengths, roundness, aspects, angles, areas, perimeters, and holes
  • Set ranges for measurements to filter unwanted objects
  • Group objects in classes based on measurements
  • Resolve clustered objects with Watershed, Auto-Split, and Cluster analysis tools
  • Use colors to separate and measure objects in color images
  • Export measurements to statistical and spreadsheet package via DDE
  • Display measurements as histograms & scattergrams  
Threshold and measure the percent area of objects.  
Threshold & Segmentation Tools
Use threshold and segmentation tools to extract objects of interest and distinguish them from other objects or from the background image.

Calibration Tools
Use the Image-Pro Plus calibration tools to redefine the scale of an image to express values in other units of measure. Learn more about Image-Pro Plus calibrations in the Spatial Calibration Product Note:

  • Calibration wizard helps you to calibrate an active image and create reference and system calibrations
  • Use X and Y scale bars as a nondestructive overlay
  • Work with intensity or spatial measurements
  • Create and display spatial calibration markers
  • Create and display system calibrations
  • Use pre-defined spatial calibration units
  • Save and recall all calibrations
  • Calculate derived calibrations automatically
  • Store information about your microscope in lens information files

Metrology Tools
Measure features such as best-fit line, arc, and circle

Measure the lengths, areas, perimeters, and angles of objects in your image.

Calculate Thickness
Determine the thickness of objects by calculating the mean, minimum and maximum thickness between lines.

Calculate Thickness

Determine the thickness of objects by calculating the mean, minimum and maximum thickness between lines.

Trace Objects

Use the trace tool to highlight dark features on a primarily light background, such as fingerprint ridges. These features can be drawn manually or automatically. The automatic tracing tool works by tracing the skeleton of dark features.

Caliper tool is used to count gear teeth.
Automatic tracing tool

Detect Edges

Use the Caliper Tool to detect edges and calculate repeated measurements.

Colocalization of Probes

The colocalization tools in Image-Pro Plus provide a visual representation as to the location and degree of overlap between two wavelengths.

Original fluorescence image. Area of interest (AOI) within the scatterplot selects the colocalized areas (orange & yellow).

Mask shows overlapping regions of red and green.

Composite image showing FITC-labeled fibroblasts (green), Texas Red-labeled mitochondria (red).

Track Moving Objects

Manually or automatically follow cells or other organisms as they move through time and space. Use correlation tracking to follow objects when image segmentation is difficult or not possible.

Track and graph the changing of intensity parameters over time within an area of interest.




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