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New Image-Pro Plus 7.0

Don't miss out on these
excellent upgrade opportunities!

Image-Pro Plus Version 7.0 includes enhancements
that speed up your acquisition and analysis tasks.

New Features in Image-Pro Plus 7.0 Include:

Microscope & Stage Automation Included

Image-Pro Plus includes microscope and stage automation tools which were previously available as add-ons. Control your microscope stage in any X, Y, or Z direction. Control motorized filter wheels, shutters, filter sliders, and lamp settings.




Accelerated Hardware Automation

Automation speeds have been accelerated for the following microscopy hardware controllers:

  • Prior ProScan Controllers
  • Olympus Microscope Stands (BX-61 and IX-81)
  • Sutter Lambda 10-3
  • Ludl MAC

Just-in-Time Image Loading

Save time by loading your multi-frame image sets on demand, resulting in extremely fast load times. This feature is available for Image-Pro sets and TIFF sequences.

Optional Live Tiling and Extended Depth of Field

Tile large images and perform Extended Depth of Field operations live – while acquiring your images. This tool is available as an add-on to Image-Pro Plus 7.0.
Learn more about Live Tiling & Live EDF.

Live tiling image courtesy of Joop van Heerikhuize, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience.  

Optional 3D Surface Analysis Tools

Use the optional 3D Surface Inspector tool to create beautifully illuminated 3D visualizations of your image stacks. Explore image depth with manual measurements and easily create .avi animations.
Learn more about 3D Surface Analysis

Use 3D Surface Inspector to analyze the surface area of objects

Visualize image depth with 3D Surface Inspectors' surface plot tool.


Time-Saving Macros and a Macro Browser

A new Macro Browser (formerly the Macro Player) offers quick access to a variety of timesaving macros. New macros are also available in the Macros Menu.


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