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Surface Analysis

Using only the in-focus information derived from a Z-stack of images, 3D Surface Inspector offers unique 3D views and measurements that reveal quality details. With a single camera and Z-motor, you will enjoy this cost-effective and illuminating analysis tool.

Using extended depth of field information, 3D Surface Inspector allows you to take inspection to the next level. Add 3D rendering and measurement to your toolkit and gain a much greater understanding of your specimens and samples.

Visualize Image Surfaces in Three Dimensions


Explore the depth of your images by visualizing and interacting with them in three dimensions.

  • View the surface from any angle, using texture mapping, wire frame or Pseudo coloring to enhance details for interpretation
  • Rotate the rendering actively to appreciate its structure
  • Display the axes with spatially calibrated units
  • Use adjustable lighting, contrast and shadow controls for enhanced viewing.
  • Easily create AVI animations to share online or with others.

Perform Manual Measurements:

  • Differences in Z height between two X/Y positions
  • Maximum and minimum Z values over an X/Y line profile
  • Z height representation over an X/Y line profile
  • Obtain surface area measurements for distinct object on a focal plane
  • Measure the volume covered by that surface area
The image displays the movement of time-lapse acquisition’  

Choose your Method of Image Acquisition.

  • Control a Prior Scientific™ Z-motor device directly
  • Collect Z-stacks directly from Scope-Pro
  • Import a series of Z interval images

Acquire Focal Planes Directly with Hardware Control
Control a Prior Scientific Z-motor stage directly from within the application.

  • The entire process is handled from within the application.
  • Alternatively, use Scope

Surface area measurements of a coin.  



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