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How do u downgrade from IE 8 to IE 7 ?.

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If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista you can go to start, on the right side of the start menu look for control panel, click it, look down for programs, click unisntall a program, this option is under the programs label, once you are there you will see a list of programs you are using, Internet Explorer 8 should be there, if not than you can look at the left hand side and click the view installed updates thing, once you clicked it a list with updates will come up, scroll down to where it says Microsoft Windows, look for Internet Explorer 8 in that category, then click on it twice and it should begin to uninstall. When it is finished uninstalling, it will tell you to restart, do it. When you log back in, Internet Explorer 7 will be back.

For Windows XP Users: Click the Start Button and select Control Panel. Select Add or Remove Programs. Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 from the list of available applications. Click the Remove button. Restart your system.

If you do not get Internet Explorer 6 or 7 back then you should use another system browser to go to the Microsoft website to download either Internet Explorer 7 or 6 again.

Method 2
Downgrading Internet Explorer 8 Beta is easy to do on Windows XP. You simply need to remove it from Add/Remove Programs via the Control Panel. Follow the directions below to begin and follow through the removal of IE8 Beta.

Team Viewer
  1. Open Add/Remove Programs: Open the Control Panel and then double click on “Add and Remove Programs”.
  2. Remove Windows Internet Explorer 8: Scroll down the list of programs until you get to “Windows Internet Explorer 8″ and click the Remove button. The application list with IE8 highlighted is shown in the image below.

  3. Start Internet Explorer 8 Removal Wizard: After the Remove button is clicked the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Removal Wizard will open as shown below. Click the Next button.

Review Possible Dependent Programs: If anything has been installed after IE8 there is a possibility these applications might not work properly once IE8 is removed. A list of these items will open in a new Window as shown below and you will need to confirm you are OK with moving forward with the removal.  

Chances are that all of the applications will still work fine in IE7 and if not they can be removed and then reinstalled to function with Internet Explorer 7 so click the Yes button.

  1. Continue With IE8 Removal: After clicking the Yes button the removal process will continue as shown in the below images.

  1. Complete Internet Explorer 8 Removal: The last step in the IE8 removal process will be to restart the computer as shown in the below image. Clicking the Finish button will automatically restart the computer unless you check the “Do Not Restart Now” box. If you check this box IE8 will not be removed until the next reboot.

  1. Verify IE8 Downgrade: Once the computer has been restarted launch Internet Explorer and make sure that Internet Explorer 8 has been downgraded back to Internet Explorer 7.
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