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Logo Design

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A good logo has to do more than just look pretty. It has a functional purpose to meet. Your business image depends on a logo design that is descriptive, distinctive, exclusive & memorable. Our designers understand the specific functionality of quality logo design and deliver just that.

Our designers provide you with a detailed and realistic schedule of how we would like the project to advance.

The process typically involves 5 steps

  Consultation (research, strategy, brief development)
  Creativity (concept and design development)
  Production (artwork, printing and other production)
  Approvals & changes

Why do you need a Business LOGO?

Giving an identity a name and then giving the name a face. These are your bottom line goals when planning out your design. In that order. A strong name, with or without a mark, has to be recognizable without any taglines. It must carry weight of its own.

A good logo builds trust

The logo is the first impression, of not just who a company is, but how trustworthy it is – and in turn, how much a consumer will open up.

A good logo is distinctive and unique

A strong logo, like a handsome face, does not tell you what’s inside; rather, it is a strong distinction amongst the masses, despite impersonation.

Why Us ?

We help you to find a brand idea ( not just a LOGO ) that will form the basis of all the company’s branding and promotion (and perhaps even future business decisions) of which a logo should only be one expression, an idea that is likely to form the basis of a the brand’s overall approach. Such an idea may shape up to a defining characteristic of your business.

Creative logo designs

We realize that every client of ours is unique and that the Business logo design needs are also unique. Our team of designers ensures that every client gets an attractive professional logo design that is distinctive and relevant to their business.

Quick turnaround

We believe in delivering work not only on time but also with quality. The entire logo design process is handled by a very efficient team that ensures a fast turnaround without compromising on quality. This ensures that we are able to control the quality of work, and our unified work environment gives the designers an opportunity to collaborate on ideas to deliver the most professional logo designs to our clients. We also offer unlimited number of revisions, which most other logo design companies do not, on your chosen concept to ensure that you always end up a winner.

We Work Fast
With NTPL, you don't have to sacrifice quality even if your custom design project is on a tight deadline. Once you send us the information about your company, our designers immediately go to work to create your new company logo. You'll see your first logo design concepts in just 3 business days!

Final delivery in multiple formats
We offer not just designing your logo, but the ultimate utilization once it is done. After the logo is finalized, we deliver a complete logo design kit with all the vector and common file types. This enables you to edit the logo size for any resolution and use it on multiple media like business cards, envelopes, letterheads, banners, websites, etc.


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