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Network Consultancy and services

Today's networking technologies can be complex and costly, if not implemented correctly. But they are essential to improve network efficiency and overall business performance. Our technical expertise extends from complex data networks to advanced infrastructures incorporating wired and wireless technologies.

We help to design and develop new networks or improve the performance and resiliency of the existing network while reducing overall costs. Our Network Infrastructure Services offer total network engineering solutions for WAN, LAN and remote access that address customer specific needs throughout the entire network lifecycle.

We provide a wide range of consultancy or contract solutions for Structured Cabling and Wireless Networks with CAT6 as medium to adhere to the following

Standards complaint system of cabling.
Designed, installed and administered to “Future proof” your network.
Independent of communicating equipment being connected.
Accommodate all current communication needs.
Capable to handle new needs as they arise.
Provision for scalability to allow expansion.

We have good expertise in setting up Wireless LAN in Compliance to the IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11a standards.

Our Offerings

Network Baseline Assessment

Network Architecture Design

Network Implementation
Complete technical documentation

Recent Completed projects

T.A.PAI Management Institute
Narus Software

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