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Our Partners
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NTPL is associated in a non exclusive strategic alliance partnership program with BQNF Systems, an enterprise software consultancy firm based in Santa Clara - USA, to  jointly promote and implement high end imaging solutions for the Indian region.

BQNF Systems provides topflight services related to research process training and product sales to small and mid-size companies that are involved in science and technology. BQNF customers typically have revenues from under a million to 300 million USD and are involved in high-tech, enterprise computing, data management, research, medical devices/services or business services.

We represent both software and instrument hardware manufacturers and add value to their ‘Go To Market’ strategy that ultimately results in better Visibility and increased Sales


Image-Pro Software

Powerful 2D and 3D image processing, enhancement, and analysis software with extensive measurement and customization features

Reflecting over 20 years of development, evolution, and user feedback, Image-Pro processing and analysis software accelerates discovery.


Northern Eclipse is a leading image analysis and processing software developed by Empix software. Eclipse has many scientific and industrial applications. The software is used for image acquisition, processing, analysis, automation, and de convolution.



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