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Software Development  
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NTPL offers complete software product and quality engineering services to step up product development and drive innovation. Our product development methodologies and processes deliver high quality software, reducing overheads, time & space constraints and a high visibility to customers.
We deliver true business value through strategic software development which is based on our years of expertise in developing highly efficient software technology solutions. Our infrastructure includes industry standard tools and technologies to adhere to sub version controls and automated testing environment.


The types of solutions that we provide are:

Stand alone applications

Our platform expertise includes:



Open Source Systems Group

Product Visualization and Prototyping
The anxiety of visualizing and designing a product based on the industry demand, building the product and releasing it into the market is a challenging task that requires technology experts, domain knowledge, business logics and various skill sets and we take pride in not just being a solutions provider but a valued consulting partner to engineer solutions for specific industries.

NTPL’s product visualization and prototyping services include:

Domain research and market analysis
Product Gap analysis and conceptualization
Product usability engineering
Graphical user interface (GUI) designing
Creation of wireframes / prototyping
Technology proof of concept exercises

Product Design & Development

System requirement study
Product Transition planning
Design and re-architecture/re-engineering services
Database design and building
Code and scripting
Developing Migration Strategies
Database, application & OS Migration and Upgrades

Product Testing
Our testing services and solutions include Functionality, Usability, Performance, Reliability, Supportability (Installation and Compatibility Testing), and Scalability. We use industry standard tools to provide innovative testing solutions to various applications built using emerging technologies.

Product Support and Sustenance
We value the quality commitment to our customers and offer product maintenance and support by providing accurate resolutions and fixes for known issues.

Product upgrades

We understand the product lifecycle and the need of our customers to update to the present trends and requirements as the markets and the industry requirements change. We constantly deliver updates and upgrades of products to keep up with time. Our research & analysis team is constantly gathering information of the changes in trends and requirements to make the necessary changes and build add-ons to give our customers that better edge to stay ahead.

Product Helpdesk
We realize the need for effective and timely resolutions of problems for clients and have an integrated approach towards Product Support Services. Our assistance is personalized and bundled with an integrated approach using innovative analytics that assist in providing support along with process efficiency and optimized resolution to clients. We provide services by utilizing a multi-channel approach through voice, mail and remote assistance.

We also offer services such as:

L1 / L2 Support
Error analysis study
Patch Management Support
Enhancing the product function
Data backup
Features customization
Migration Support
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